How do I contact Puff Down?

Email me (Bobby) at: puffdownhiphop[at]gmail[dot]com

Why do I have to email someone to buy something?

Puff Down likes the internet for some things (less for others). I think going to record stores is important.
Talking to people is important. Being outside. And, I want the website to reflect this a little bit.
So, to buy things from PD, just email me and I’ll say hi and get back to you with a quote and shipping etc.

If you’re thinking, ‘that’s a pain in the ass’ – here are links to shops that support and distribute PD:

Puff Down Bandcamp page: link
The Paperback Bookshop (Melbourne, AUS): link
Wax Museum Records (Melbourne, AUS): link
Lulu's (Melbourne, AUS): link
Union Heights (Melbourne, AUS): link
Northside Records (Melbourne, AUS): link
and Prop Records (Sydney, AUS): link

Puff Down has no social media. If you’d like to hear when new stuff is coming out, head to the subscribe page
from the main webpage and sign up. No spam. Only emails when stuff is actually out and done. Alternatively, just follow the PD Bandcamp link
*You'll get a 404 error page after subscribing - no idea why. The form still works and you should get a confirmation email.

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